Why use Case Studies?

According to business research firm Gartner, customer references are one of the top influencing factors when selecting a supplier. It's certainly true that a satisfied client can be a powerful advocate on behalf of your business.

In a ideal world, every new prospect would have an opportunity to talk to one of your happy customers. Sadly that's impractical, but the next best thing might well be a Customer Case Study or Testimonial video from David Perry Media.

You probably already have written testimonials on your website, but imagine the impact if your prospective customers could see and hear those satisfied customers telling their stories in their own words.

Take a look at this example which was produced for MPLSystems, a contact centre integration company. The video features Babcock International, one of MPLSystems' major customers.

MPLSystems Case Study

Producing a video case study

The process of producing a Video Case Study or Testimonial couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is to ask one or more of your customers to agree to participate. We will interview your customers, making sure that they come across as natural and relaxed, and speaking in their own words. We will then edit the best of their responses together, remove the prompting questions and combine the interview footage with other relevant background shots.

The finished video will then be delivered to you, ready to upload to YouTube and add to your website.

You can also use your Case Study Videos as part of your sales presentations and at exhibitions and other events.

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